Hanwei Tinker Bastard Zurich Fittings

Hi folks, I am now taking preorders for my first custom HT fitting design! The upfront cost is pretty steep so this is sort of necessary to help kick things into production. I hope to fulfill all preorders by the end of September.  N.B 3d printed grips will be sold at a later date. Preorders are now closed. 

AVAILABLE SETS – Both are for the HT Bastard sword.

Set A (Zurich Fittings with curved guard)

HTB Zurich II

Set B (Zurich Fittings with straight guard)

HTB Zurich I

Click here to see the historical examples that inspired this design 🙂


#1. Guard and Pommel (and hex nut): $70 shipped CONUS + $10 for international shipping. (MSRP price: $80) 3d printed grips will be sold at a later date.

#2. Complete Sword (no scabbard): $325 shipped CONUS (no international orders). The blade will be polished and sharpened and the grip will be leather wrapped in a colour of your choice from the following options: Black, Brown, Green, or Oxblood. Please specify if you want the fullered bastard or the un-fullered bastard.

#3. Lottery Ticket: $7, You can still support this project even if you can’t make a preorder commitment! Buy a lottery ticket and get a chance to win a set of your choice. There will be a winner for every 10 tickets sold, so the odds will roughly be fair 🙂 Winners will be announced on the 22nd of July.

I only accept payments via PayPal to printed-armoury@outlook.com.

Please clearly specify in the PayPal payment description which set (A/B) you want, and, in the case of option #2, what blade type you want (fullered/un-fullered), and the colour of the grip.  ______________________________________________________________

Reasons you should pre-order:

1. You’ll get the fittings before anyone else at a discounted price. Pre-ordered parts will be airmailed to the USA for distribution, while bulk orders for distributors will be sent by sea. I’m hoping to fulfil all preorders well before the end of September.

2. You can preorder the finished sword complete with a handcrafted leather wrapped-grip made to fit. Since we can get to work on the grip and polishing the blade immediately, you’ll receive the finished swords at the same time as all the other preorders, with no extra wait. I’m partnering up with Wes at the Lonely Wolf Forge who will be sharpening/polishing the blades, and making grips with the help of SBG forumite Steve Huerta.

3. You’ll be supporting the production of other designs for HT bare blades.

4. You’ll have bragging rights for helping get this project off the ground! Never underestimate bragging rights. 🙂 I’ll only be taking a limited number of preorders so get your orders in while you can!

If you are a distributor and would like to stock these fittings in your inventory, drop me a line at printed-armoury@outlook.com and we can discuss wholesale prices.


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