Viscount Longsword

I am very pleased to announce that the new HT viscount longsword fittings is available for preorders!

I am also offering a limited edition sword and scabbard package in collaboration with Wes Beem and Steve Huerta for $550 shipped CONUS. Here is a sketch of the complete package:


The blade will be polished and sharpened to a razor sharp apple seed edge, the grip will be specially fitted, and thread length will be adjusted to perfectly mate with the pommel.

You will also have the following customizable options:

  1. Grip colour: Black / Green / Blue / Oxblood / Brown
  2. Scabbard colour: Black / Green / Blue / Oxblood / Brown
  3. Belt colour: Black / Green / Blue / Oxblood / Brown
  4. Belt mount: A / B / C / D / E / F

Available belt mounts:


A $250 deposit is required to start the project, the remaining $300 will be due at completion in roughly 6-8 weeks.

Please direct inquiries and PayPal payments to 


One thought on “Viscount Longsword

  1. Hello Printed Armoury,

    I have been telling my sword-enthusiast friends all about this sword package! I must say that it is a magnificent idea, and will allow for a good deal of customisation, on a proven and acclaimed blade, for an affordable price! Keep up the amazing work, and know that your fans support your endeavours!

    – JM

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