Coming soon!

This swiss longsword design has been in the works for some time but I’ve finally got it finalized. The pommel will weigh roughly 10-11oz making it too heavy for any of the Hanwei Tinker bare blades, so this one is mainly for custom swordsmiths who want some gorgeous out of the box fittings.

Price tag has yet to be finalized but will be in the range of $100-120.


17 thoughts on “Coming soon!

  1. Nice work. I might be interested in the next couple of years. Is the price for the final steel print/casting? I’d keep Guard slot thickness slightly under 1/4″ / 6.35mm, maybe about 6mm. Type XIX blades I’ve measured, which would work well with this hilt, range from about 6-8mm at the hilt, and it’s better to enlarge a smaller hole than to shim one too large. I’d go about 20mm for the width of the slot of the hilt. I’d maybe use 4.5 x 8mm at the end of the pommel and 4.5 x 12 mm on the grip side of the pommel.


  2. Good Day

    I bought the viscount fittings for the hanwei-tinker longssword and found that the thread was to long and the fit not quiet right it can be tighten by using a couple of thin washers or by cutting the thread roughly 4-5 mm mm. I think you should make the fittings of the swiss longsword to fit the Hanwei-Tinker longsword regardless of the pommel weight, these blades are the only ones to be found commercially with ease many people have the original swords and would like to chance the looks of them. I think you should advertice more. Also in my opinion should offer that Katzbalger fittings for the hanwei-tinker single hand sword inspite of the anachrony of the blade. Aldo the Viscount fittings look great in the single handed Hanwei Tinker blade with only minimum metal word similar to pictures of one handed fish tail pommel swords.


    • Hi Alirio, I’m afraid the hanwei tinker bare blades vary too much in thread length and tang dimensions to ensure a tight fit for everything. I’m sure you can a smith who can fit the swiss longsword fittings to a hanwei tinker longsword, but I wouldn’t recommend it 😉


  3. Hello, besides the first commentary, as an opinion only, you could also study your previous buyers are most of them sword collectors or amateur metalworkers. Sword collectors or amateur tinkers would work in low cost functional blades like for example hanwei swords, coldsteel, windlass to change the sword fittings to more appealing ones like complex hilted swords or just because they got tired of the old looks of their swords. If you want to fill that niche in my personal experince as a collector in a central amercian country it is easier to file of metal than to fill a gap in a hilt or pommel. The problem I have found now days are that slots in hilts and pommels that are sold is that they are 7-8 mm thick with few sword blades that fit them). You could make rectangular tapered tang slots of around 5mm thick and 1.5 to 1 cm wide for rectangular blade tangs. So a metal worker can file the sword tang or widen the slot in the pommel or guard; this would not work for blades that have rod type tangs so you can make two lines of production with rectangular slots and with round slots.
    I also want to thank you for work it has been useful in costumizing my hanwei swords.

    Have a good day and I which you success in your business


  4. Hello i have read the most recent comments and think that 6mm is a good thickness for the slots I am planning in buying one set maybe fit an albion type xvi blade. When i finish the wood grip I could send a picture of the viscount hilt with the hanwei tinker single hand blade. Tried to make a horn grip but failed, I am just a hobbist.

    Wish you luck

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  5. I just found this page after years of looking for some quality off-the-shelf parts to refit my Angus Trim 1433. These Swiss longsword fittings are freaking perfect for what I want to do. And progress or update on the production of these things? I’ll probably be able to buy a set sometime this summer if they’ll be ready in time…


  6. Mike,

    I was thinking, isn’t the GSOW also a nutted sword? I believe it’s heavier than the HT blades, I wonder if ti would work well.



    • Hi Ian, the pommel will just have a rectangular linearly tapered slot, so it won’t fit on to a GSoW blade without a significant amount of work. However, the pommel weight is pretty close to the stock pommel so if you can get everything to fit, you’ll have a nicely balanced sword 🙂


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