New Finish on Printed Armoury Fittings

Here are the results of a new surface treatment I’m trying out with the foundry. Naturally the new finish will come at increased cost, but I imagine a lot of you would find the difference (around $20) vastly more cost effective than doing the polish yourself. New stock will be available in the LG Martial Arts Store around May/June.

Also we will likely be doing the next run of fittings in mild steel. Whether or not we repeat the run will mostly be down to how easy they are to maintain (seeing as mild steels picks up rust fairly quickly).

Finally there have been a number of complaints on the fit of Printed Armoury guards, some found them too tight, but most considered them too loose. I’m going ask the foundry to adjust the moulds so that the guards will be overly tight and allow customers to adjust the width of the slot themselves.


10 thoughts on “New Finish on Printed Armoury Fittings

  1. Is the production on time? Your post says it will be available in may/june and it is almost the end of june and the longswords fittings are unavailable.


  2. Hello Mike. I’m curious if your are still planning to make a run of mild steel fittings and the anticipated date of arrival. Thanks so much!


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