Introducing the Reisläufer and the Warden

I’m pleased to announce that the complex longsword parts I promised are finally in stock! We’re naming it the Reisläufer in honour of the fearsome Swiss mercenaries who were so good at their job, they caused bidding wars between rival monarchs. More about the swiss pikemen in this hilarious and informative article.


These fittings are not designed for the Hanwei Tinker bare blades (the pommel is a bit too heavy for that, weighing in at 10oz), but it should pair nicely with the HT GSoW, or one of the Albion bare blades.

If that’s not enough, we’re also introducing the Warden, an arming sword set that shares the same pommel as the Reisläufer.


The design is loosely based on Boromir’s sword from the Fellowship of the Ring movie, but it wouldn’t look too out of place on the hip of a swaggering medieval mercenary captain.

Both fittings are available to order here:


2 thoughts on “Introducing the Reisläufer and the Warden

  1. I’ve been eagerly waiting to see how these turned out, and I am definitely very, very impressed. Hopefully I finish my current projects in time to grab the longsword fittings to go with an Albion blade. Am I correct in assuming that the Warden fittings(also gorgeous) are also too heavy for an H/T arming sword blade?


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