Online 3D Grip Generator

Update (4/3/2017): There is now a new grip option inspired by Strider’s sword from the Lord of the Rings movies. Grips are also automatically scaled now to accommodate thicker tangs. 

I’m very proud to present an online tool for generating a 3D printable grip model! The grips are designed to match up with Printed Armoury fittings, but you’re all more than welcome to use this tool for whatever project tickles your fancy.

By and large, most tang measurements should work but there are some limits. In the case where the tang is too wide or thick to generate a sufficiently strong grip, the webpage should reject your submission instead of giving you a bad model. However I’m not 100% sure that this is always the case, so please get in touch if you have issues with the tool. Apart from that, enjoy!  🙂

(It may take several seconds to load the webpage)



5 thoughts on “Online 3D Grip Generator

  1. used this program for a single handed sword grip and it was great. handle was nice and tight and needed no adjusting to make it fit.

    will you be adding any more designs to this generator? like Viking and Migration period handles?



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