Production Method

At the moment I am declining all custom commissions to focus on production hilt parts. My hilt parts are produced with the help of my casting partners in China, and are currently available for purchase at the LG Martial Arts store.

Bare Blades:

  • Hanwei Tinker swords are some of the most reputable budget options for European medieval swords. They were designed for performance by the esteemed swordsmith Michael “Tinker” Pearce, and are great value for money.
  • Baltimore Knife and Sword (of youtube series Man-at-Arms fame) are reknown for the toughness of their blades amongst renaissance stage fighters.
  • Arms and Armour are one of the oldest and most well-respected forges in America, who have the blessings of the late Ewart Oakshott.
  • Albion swords are widely regarded as the apex of quality in the production sword market. They also offer bare blades, but these come blunt, and you will need an experienced cutler or swordsmith to establish an edge.

Sword Cutlers:

Historically, a sword cutler was the name given to someone who was involved in any stage of sword production, from the blade smith, to the polisher (sometimes called a whitesmith), the hiltsmith, scabbard maker, or even the sword merchant. The following fine people are craftsmen who can polish, sharpen, and hilt your bare blade to create a sword.

  • Ernie at Yeshua’s Sword is an outstanding and highly dedicated craftsman, known for his amazing woodwork.
  • Wes is an amateur swordsmith who does great work.
  • Sonny at Valiant Armoury Custom Sword Shoppe is an expert in leatherwork.

More about me

I am currently a PhD student studying Computer Science in Canberra, Australia. My hobbies (other than 3d design and swords) include reading science and history, and playing poker 🙂

Contact: printed-armoury@outlook.com.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m currently trying to locate a Hanwei Tinker Longsword in stock to purchase. I saw some bronze fittings online for this sword and I am very interested. Are the bronze fittings available or will they be available in the future?

    Ron Franks


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