Coming soon!

This swiss longsword design has been in the works for some time but I’ve finally got it finalized. The pommel will weigh roughly 10-11oz making it too heavy for any of the Hanwei Tinker bare blades, so this one is mainly for custom swordsmiths who want some gorgeous out of the box fittings.

Price tag has yet to be finalized but will be in the range of $100-120.


Project Kingslayer

As a big fan of Game of Thrones, I had to do a take on the Jaime Lannister sword, and I’m pretty pleased to show off my initial design. I was hoping I could find a couple of swordsmiths who might be interested in buying the bronze guard and pommel for this design. Price is still up in the air atm but it should be close to 150usd for the set (I’ll be be working with a local Australian foundry instead of my partners in China who do my Hanwei Tinker fittings).

If you know any smiths who might be interested, please let them know and have them get in contact with me at