Introducing the Reisläufer and the Warden

I’m pleased to announce that the complex longsword parts I promised are finally in stock! We’re naming it the Reisläufer in honour of the fearsome Swiss mercenaries who were so good at their job, they caused bidding wars between rival monarchs. More about the swiss pikemen in this hilarious and informative article.


These fittings are not designed for the Hanwei Tinker bare blades (the pommel is a bit too heavy for that, weighing in at 10oz), but it should pair nicely with the HT GSoW, or one of the Albion bare blades.

If that’s not enough, we’re also introducing the Warden, an arming sword set that shares the same pommel as the Reisläufer.


The design is loosely based on Boromir’s sword from the Fellowship of the Ring movie, but it wouldn’t look too out of place on the hip of a swaggering medieval mercenary captain.

Both fittings are available to order here:


New Finish on Printed Armoury Fittings

Here are the results of a new surface treatment I’m trying out with the foundry. Naturally the new finish will come at increased cost, but I imagine a lot of you would find the difference (around $20) vastly more cost effective than doing the polish yourself. New stock will be available in the LG Martial Arts Store around May/June.

Also we will likely be doing the next run of fittings in mild steel. Whether or not we repeat the run will mostly be down to how easy they are to maintain (seeing as mild steels picks up rust fairly quickly).

Finally there have been a number of complaints on the fit of Printed Armoury guards, some found them too tight, but most considered them too loose. I’m going ask the foundry to adjust the moulds so that the guards will be overly tight and allow customers to adjust the width of the slot themselves.

3d Printed Grip Tutorial

You will need to download and install the 3d modelling software Blender:

and my grip model file:

Blender Basics

Press and drag the mouse wheel to rotate the view.

Hold shift while pressing the mouse wheel to move the view without rotating the angle of the view.

Press 1 on the numpad to return to a front facing view, press 3 on the numpad to get a side view, and press 7 on the numpad to get a birds-eye view.

Pressing 5 on the numpad toggles between an orthogonal view and a wide lens view (best to keep things orthogonal though).

Right click to select an object.basics

  1. This is the location of the selected object in the 3d space.
  2. This is the name of the object.
  3. These are the dimensions of the objects in millimeters.
  4. These are the “tabs” in the blender file, sort of like how you have tabs in Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. The first tab are the models for the longsword grip and longsword tangs, the second are the models for the bastard, and the third tab is for the EMSH grip and tangs.


Creating a custom grip

First you’ll need to put the fittings on your blade and take two measurements:

  • Grip length
  • Slot width at guard


Right now the grip model is just a solid object with no slot through it; we will need to select a tang to make a slot through it.

First, make a copy of the grip by right clicking the grip object and then pressing “control-c”. You will notice it says “copied selected objects to buffer” at the top of the screen. copiedPaste the object by pressing “control-v”. You will notice that it says “Objects pasted from buffer” at the top, and the outline of the object is red instead of yellow. Click and hold the red arrow (surrounded by the red square in the picture) and drag it across the screen so it’s away from the other objects. pasted

You will notice that the outline of the object is still red. Right click the object to properly select it, (the outline will turn yellow). Notice that the location of the object has changed since you dragged it across the screen. Change the X coordinate of the location to a nice round number like 100 so it’s easier to align objects. in the future.
draggedChange the length of the grip by changing the Z number under “Dimensions”.  In this case we’ve changed it to 156mm tall.


Since there’s a lot of variation in tang measurements, I’ve curated a number of tangs that have different widths at the bottom, but the same width at the top. These tangs have the width written in their object name, but you can also tell how wide they are by looking at the dimension numbers after you select the object. If the customer has measured the width of the tang at the guard slot correctly, you will want to make sure the slot is at least 0.4mm wider, as 3d printed slots tend to shrink a little a bit after cooling.

ADVANCED: You can adjust the width of the tang by changing the dimensions directly, but make sure you only make the tang wider, and never shorter, as this could make the slot too tight at the top. Remember to change the tang dimensions back after you finish using it. 


Make a copy of the tang, and change its X coordinate location to 100 (the same as where the newly pasted grip is). Change the dimension of the tang so it’s 1+ whatever the required length of the grip is. In this case that would be 156 + 1 = 157.


Now right click the grip and click on the wrench icon on the far right column. Click the “Add Modifier” drop down selector, and select “Boolean”.


Change the “Operation” to difference, and select the tang object you copied. You can tell it was copied because it has “.001” appended to the end of its name. Click Apply. 


Drag the model away and rotate the view to check if the slot has been created.


If the model looks ok, go to File -> Export -> Stl and export your 3d grip model 🙂 When you’ve successfully exported the model, it’s a good idea to delete the grip and the copied tang and leave the blender file exactly as you found it.


Create an account on 3dhubs and get your grip printed 🙂 You can find a 3d printer near where you live and just pick it up, but if really don’t know where to start, I can definitely recommend this guy:

My recommended options for printing would be:

  • resolution of 100-150 microns (although 200 microns may be fine too),
  • 25% in-fill
  • using ABS plastic as the material.

Generally you will be able to print a longsword grip at around $25, a bastard grip at $18 and a EMSH grip at around $12.

Viscount Prototypes

I currently have 3 spare viscount prototypes (one with a Zurich pommel) that are looking for a happy home. Customer can select a grip colour of their choice.


The total price of the package is $275 + $25 shipping CONUS. A deposit of $100 will be required to reserve the prototype, and the remaining $200 to be paid in roughly 2 weeks on completion of the sword.

Please email for further enquiries.

Happy new year!

It’s been a long while since my last update, and I apologize to all of you who happen to check back on my site regularly. I’ve been really busy with my personal life in the last few months, but I’ve finally found some time to share all the great things that have happened!

The Zurich and Viscount fittings are finally complete after many months of work and will be shipped from the foundry in China to the LG Martial Arts Store next week! Pre-orders will be shipped very shortly after that 🙂

In the meanwhile we have some pictures of finished prototypes. The blades are Hanwei Tinkers, sharpened by Wes Beem, with 3d printed grip cores wrapped by Steve Huerta.

We hope you all have a very happy 2016!

Viscount Longsword

I am very pleased to announce that the new HT viscount longsword fittings is available for preorders!

I am also offering a limited edition sword and scabbard package in collaboration with Wes Beem and Steve Huerta for $550 shipped CONUS. Here is a sketch of the complete package:


The blade will be polished and sharpened to a razor sharp apple seed edge, the grip will be specially fitted, and thread length will be adjusted to perfectly mate with the pommel.

You will also have the following customizable options:

  1. Grip colour: Black / Green / Blue / Oxblood / Brown
  2. Scabbard colour: Black / Green / Blue / Oxblood / Brown
  3. Belt colour: Black / Green / Blue / Oxblood / Brown
  4. Belt mount: A / B / C / D / E / F

Available belt mounts:


A $250 deposit is required to start the project, the remaining $300 will be due at completion in roughly 6-8 weeks.

Please direct inquiries and PayPal payments to 

Sample fittings from the foundry

I’ve finally received a few sample parts for test fitting from the foundry, here are some pictures with a 3d printed grip.

M1 M2 M3

The good news is that they look great, the not so good news is that the fit is definitely lacking 😦 I’ve spoken to the foundry and they’re going to need another month or so in order to make the necessary adjustments to the factory moulds. This will result in pre-order fittings being delayed until some time in October.


These prototypes fittings can be purchased here

Update from the foundry

Here are some pics from the foundry. They had a problem with the interior of the pommel so that’s set them back by 3 weeks, but these are as good looking as I hoped they’d be! Those of you who’ve put orders in I ask for a little more patience 🙂

Preorders will remain open for another few weeks while the foundry catches up to schedule.

Zurich Guards2 Zurich Pommel Zurich Guards1